New Images - Osgood

In June 2015 I spent 12 days exploring the Northwest corner of the country.  I started in the Palouse area of Washington state (near Idaho) and then revisited the coastal area of Olympic National Park.  I ended the trip by spending a few days exploring the area around the John Day fossil Beds in central Oregon. 

In March 2015 I returned to one of my favorite photography sites, The Death Valley and the  surrounding country side: The Alabama Hills, and Mono Lake.  

In September 2014, Nancy and & spent a week in each of three places in Italy.  One of these places was Farnese Italy.  While Nancy was taking painting classes, I explored the surrounding countryside.  I found the hill village of Farnese particularly captivating at night.                

In June 2014  I spent 10 days exploring the southern coast of Iceland.  At this time of year, the sun sets at midnight and rises at 3am.  But I didn't have the good fortune of seeing the midnight sun as it rained or was cloudy all but 3 mornings. As such the images I returned with were not what I had envisioned when planning the trip.  I worked on more abstracts and less traditional landscapes.

 I hope you enjoy the images.  As always, I'm happy to answer any  questions you might have: Under "Home" select "Contact Me".   Thanks for viewing.



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